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Transporting a Pet or Non-Pet Item With Operation Roger

peterbiltIf you are involved in animal rescue or operate an animal shelter, Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport wants to help you move your pet to its new fur-ever home. We also help individuals.

Operation Roger asks that you also read our Home Page as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before submitting your request for transport on *Pet Transport Requirements/Application  to assure that everyone is on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings.

The applicant must inform all parties of our requirements. We have had applicants who were not the shipping party who didn't inform the shipper what to provide the driver. It has always caused a problem for the driver who then has the right to refuse to transport.

A health certificate and the shot records must be given to the driver at the time of pick up. These are two separate documents.

beagleApplication Donation: Operation Roger... Truckers Pets Transport has a non-refundable (effective July 22, 2008) minimum application donation requirement per transport / per pet. This tax deductible donation helps us offset our day-to-day operating expenses  Each pet must have a separate application. This donation is expected of the applicant at the time the Pet Transport Application is submitted. The actual transport is free.

Once we have approved the application and the pet appears on the Pet Board, we will diligently strive to find just the right driver to transport the pet.

Due to the nature of the trucking business, we cannot guarantee a day or time or even if we can get to the pet at all in the time frame the applicant desires.  If we feel the pet is in a hard-to-get-to location and suspect we will have a hard time getting to it, we will strive to communicate this to the applicant asap and try to work out some solution.

Correct phone numbers and returned calls to our driver's attempts to contact is expected so we can help you.  We have had a number of pets lately where neither the shipper nor receiver will return our calls.  How can we help you if you don't help us?

Other transportation found?  If you find another means to transport a pet such as an animal transport service, an airline, or a relay, please let us know asap so we can make the notation on the Pet Board.  This will allow our team leaders and drivers to concentrate on the pets who do need transport.

It is not who transports a pet, it is the pet gets to its destination safely.  When you compare the cost of commercial pet transport services which can cost hundreds of dollars or more, we think you will agree that Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport is the best value for your dollar you could find.  If you have ever tried to set up a pet-relay between different volunteers, the time and effort you spend trying to find people to cover different legs of the trip as well as missed connections can leave you wondering if the pet would ever make it to the final destination.

Free transports are provided as a public service and a donation wavier approval is decided on a case-by-case basis. But, please remember, all donations are tax-deductible and we request such a small amount to help offset our expenses. 

Let Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport provide your rescue pet or family pet a ride and we will care for it as though it were our own.

Operation Roger No-No's

  • Operation Roger only transports dogs, cats (no feral), small pets from the ratty community - like hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, etc. - and other small type companion animals; no live stock.
  • Operation Roger does not transport unadoptable, unsociable or aggressive animals (liability and safety reasons).
  • Operation Roger does not transport animals shipped from, to, or between pet breeders or those engaged in the buying or selling of companion animals for profit (including "backyard" breeders) unless they are retired, preferably already altered, and will be not be used for breeding.
  • Operation Roger requires all transport requests be submitted through our website.  Individual drivers are not permitted to transport an animal on behalf of Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport unless it has been assigned to their care by our staff.
  • Operation Roger will not knowingly assign your pet to ride with a driver who is also a driver for another pet transport organization and has a pet enroute already on board.

The Application

  • Read our HOME page 
  • Go to Registration Log In
  • The system will send a temporary password to your Email
  • Copy this temporary password
  • Go back to Login, pasting the temporary password into the proper area
  • Go to Applications
  • Read the Transport A Pet page
  • Go to Step 1) Sample Questions Only. This is for the applicant's use in obtaining the anwers to the questions on the application. It will prevent the applicant from having to stop and make calls to get the required information before completing the application. Incomplete applications will result in the pet being put on hold and the applicant notified of the necessary information needed. The pet will NOT be put on the Pet Board until the application is approved.
  • Go to the Step 2) Pet Transport Requirements and Application.
  • Read this page very carefully. Some of this information may be a repeat from the other pages.
  • Accept the I Agree statement at the bottom of the page to bring up the very detailed Application.
  • Fill it out completely so it will not be necessary to return it for completion, thus delaying getting your pet listed on our Pet Board.
  • Once the application is approved, your pet's information will appear on our Pet Board.


Basically, the same procedures apply to Non-Pet Transport items as for pets. The Operation Roger drivers must be met at a truck stop or other agreed upon safe location by both the shipper and the receiver. We have found warehouses just do not understand the nature of what we do and won't cooperate by getting our drivers in and out quickly. Any and all items located at a warehouse must be brought to the driver. The driver will determine how much they can take.

We cannot do front door service due to size of our rigs. We cannot guarantee a time frame for pick up or delivery or even if we can get to the items at all in the time frame desired by the applicant but we will try. Such items are put inside the tractor (truck) and not the trailer. On occasion, a driver may have a flat bed and be able to take more.

Whichever is the case, a few bags or several pallets, the Driver CANNOT be expected to unload this alone. You MUST provide the labor. Due to critical time restraints put on drivers, the transfers must take no more than 15-30 minutes. Have a vehicle available, rental if necessary, to off-load where ever the driver is located. When pallets are involved, you must provide the equipment.

Therefore, the amount we can take at one time is limited. Generally, the driver will need to put such items on their upper bunk.

As with the pets, your item will be listed on our Pet Board.

For instructions on how to find any desired Application, e-mail operationroger01@yahoo.com or go to Register/Log In and click on REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Thank you for letting us try to help.