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(Effective MAY 1, 2014, the minimum required Non-refundable, Tax-Deductible Pet Transport Application donation will increase to $35.00)

Hi again, This is Roger.  Yep, that's me over on the right.  The one with the big ears!  "Better to hear you with, my dear."  I was a toy Manchester Terrier.  Below is a pretty intensive letter to you about what Operation Roger requires to transport your pet.

To all Applicants:  We have provided a list of the questions you will find on the Pet Transport Application for your use.  We strongly suggest you print out a copy of these questions and get the answers before you go to the trouble of filling out an incomplete application which would only be returned for more information and thus delay your pet.  This just creates more work for you and us.  This list is found on the Menu Bar under APPLICATIONS. Scroll down to "STEP 1) PET APP SAMPLE QUESTIONS ONLY for filling out Pet Transport Application."

The following instructions are very, very important.  As the applicant, please read them carefully.  It is strongly requested the applicant send a copy of this page to the other parties involved, so everyone will know exacty what Operation Roger requires, especially of the shipper.  If the driver is not provided the items requested and is not presented a clean pet, your pet may well lose a ride.

Operation Roger strives to reply to all applications in a timely manner.  However, there is only one person doing all the pet/driver coordination.  If you do not have an email reply either requesting more information or an approval letter with your pet's name listed therein within a reasonable time frame, check your junk mail folder.  Once these e-mails are sent out, time usually does not permit a follow up by us.  If you haven't received anything, email us.  We will check on the problem and get you another. 

All incompletely filled out applications we receive are listed at the bottom of the Active Pet Board in what we call the BLUE BOARD.  If your pet's name is not listed on the Active Pet Board, there is a good chance it can be found here.  However, if the application wasn't even filled out enough for the system to recognize it and thus did not go through, we would have no knowledge of your even trying to send an application.  EVERY application is replied to.  If you do not receive a reply of acknowledgment in some form in 4-7 days, check your spam.  Again, we would have no way of knowing you did not get our reply.  IF the application is received but is INCOMPLETE, an email with the areas needing your attention will be forthcoming.  IF the application is COMPLETE, the applicant will receive an approval letter, often with informative Comments at the bottom.

Be advised. Any missing information requested on the application may cause it to be put on hold until the required information is received. The one item most applicants disregard is #12, the shipper's vet information; another is #5, the name of an individual at a rescue or shelter; a third is the receiver's vet information. We DON'T call for this information.  The applicant MUST provide it. We have provided for each applicant a list of the questions. This is found as 1) Sample Questions Only for filling out Pet Transport Application.  Get the answers first, then fill out the application.

In addition, Item #11 is often misunderstood.  We need to know the history of your pet.  If it is coming from a rescue or shelter, why is it there is the first place?  Why is the receiver wanting this particular pet?  Tell us a story about the pet.  Make it a book if you wish.  The more we know, the better transporters we can be for your pet.  It is rather perturbing to get an answer of "going to another state" or something similar.

By contacting Operation Roger... Truckers Pet transport, you must read and agree to abide by our policies and procedures.  It is very important you, the applicant, read the follow instructions very carefully.  The non-refundable tax-deductible application donation is required at the end of the application, after submitting the app, by clicking on the PayPal Donate button in the upper left hand corner of the page. If you do not have an account, PayPal does take credit/debit cards.  Doing this on-line through PayPal is more secure for you as we use cell phones. 

Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport has a required minimum non-refundable $25.00 application donation PER animal/PER transport (effective January 1, 2010) due at time the application is submitted.  (This required minimum non-refundable application donation will increase to $35.00 on MAY 1, 2014.)  This small donation by the shipper, receiver, or coordinator applicant helps offset our expenses.  Again, the donation is required at the time the application is submitted.  If it is not received, the pet will NOT be added to the active Pet Board.  Keep in mind, this is an minimum application donation and more can be donated if so desired.  We request no more for the transport - it is FREE.  What you do not want is for your pet to miss a ride because we do not have the donation already on record.

NOTE: December 2013:  If you don't want to give the required Application Donation up front and want to wait until the pet is to be picked up...be advised...that is not the way we work.  The donation is for the Application, not the transport.  You wish to do this, find yourself a paid transport.  Don't even bother putting in an application and wasting our time and effort as well as yours.

We are all volunteers.  We are not a trucking company who only picks up your pets.  The drivers are pet-loving volunteers who do this as they do their regular paying driving jobs.  We cannot guarantee a time frame to pickup or deliver your pets or even if we can get to them at all in the time frame the parties involved desire.  We do promise to diligently look for a driver who may be going to your area.  We all love pets and want to see them get to their new homes as soon as possible.  We would love to transport each and every pet on our Pet Board.  In reality, that doesn't happen...but not for lack of trying on our part.

NOTE: January 2014:  Please DO NOT send frequent texts/calls asking if we have found a driver for your pet.  WE will let You know when WE have found just the right driver.  During 2013, several people seemed to believe pressuring us or offering us a larger donation would somehow make us put their pet "at the top of the list."  We have no such list.  Your pet is picked up only when a driver has a load in or through the area where the pet is located.  No, we don't have a crystal ball to know just when that would be.  Of course, if there are two pets in the same area and either could be picked up, the oldest one of our Pet Board will be given priority.  Harrassing our Coordinator with multiple texts/calls on a daily or weekly basis will only serve to make us get aggravated and perhaps slow down the effort to find a ride.  We don't mind an occassional communication but, again, we probably can only tell you, "Sorry, not yet." 

As the applicant arranging transport with Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport, it is YOUR responsibility to notify ALL parties involved in the transport of an animal such as the sender, receiver, adoptive family, shelter or other party of our requirements and to provide all required information.  If the person receiving the pet is the applicant, it is extremely important you provide the sending party with a copy of this page so they will know exactly what we need from them.  We have had senders (shippers) not know they are to provide food, water, bowls, leashes, and clean pets, for example. In addition, if the pet is a male and not fully house trained, the shipper must provide belly bands.  If the pet is a chewer and too large for a crate, the shipper must provide a muzzle.  The driver could refuse to take the pet brought to them without food or any of the requirements.  The driver is not be expected to buy anything at all for the transported pet.

When a receiver agrees to meet a driver to pick up a pet at a certain location and time then backs out of that agreement once the pet is enroute or does not show up at the agreed to meeting location at the agreed upon time frame, Operation Roger reserves the right to do the following: Contact the shipper for instructions as to where to leave the pet and/or return the pet to the shipper as the earliest possible time.  Any Receiver who does this has effectively kept the driver from picking up other needy pets.

Shelters, rescue groups, etc. MUST NAME someone to be the contact for the pet and able to meet the driver whenever they arrive in that area and provide their personal contact PHONE NUMBER (in addition to the shelter's phone number).  That contact person MUST be able arrange for the pet to be transported whatever the day and time of day the driver is able to pick it up.  The pet MUST be brought to the driver.  While we will endeavor to get as close as possible to either the pick up point or the drop off point, this is not always feasible.  Each party should be prepared to drive some distance (we prefer a commitment of at least 100 miles).  Applications without this information WILL BE PUT ON HOLD until such time as it is provided.  This WILL delay the application approval process.

The Shipper and Receiver CANNOT be the same (you simply cannot be in two places at the same time).  The phone numbers and e-mails MUST be different.  We prefer to have the shipper's veterinarian's name or clinic name, city, state, and phone number on the application in the event we need to contact them about a problem during the transport.  This is the vet who either has already seen the pet for the health certificate or who will see the pet prior to transport.  Do NOT submit without this required information as requested.  Anything else may cause the application to be put on Hold.

IMPORTANT:  You MUST agree to hold Operation Roger and its volunteers harmless for any illness, injury, or loss of life to the pet, or injury to other pets, Operation Roger drivers, or other people occurring during the transport of the pet.  Also any pet who isn't bathed prior to transport, is found to stink, or is dirty may be taken to a groomer at the expense of the applicant or their designated financial supporter.  Any misrepresentation pertaining to the pet being transported resulting in any of the before mentioned events occurring, or a dirty pet, will be the financial responsibility of the applicant.  If, as the applicant, you are the receiver or coordinator, get as much information as possible from the shipper.

You must agree to and understand Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport volunteer drivers are subject to the requirements of our occupation.  Due to the nature of the trucking business, the loads of freight we haul are time critical.  Pets MUST be brought to or picked up from the driver at a truck stop or agreed upon location AND at a time when the driver arrives, whether it is 1 p.m. or 1 a.m.  Again, we CANNOT guarantee a time frame for pickup or delivery or even if we can get to the pet at all in the time frame the parties involved desire.  We do pledge to try.  We have had pets picked up within two hours of reaching our Pet Board and others have been on there for several months until just the right driver could get to them.  This often depends on the size of the pet.  Many drivers are allergic to cats.  There are areas of the nation where it is difficult to get pets into or out of.  These areas take longer.  The cooperation of both the shipper and receiver as to how far they will drive to meet a driver does make a difference.

There are times when a trucking company will assign a driver a load and that driver is enroute when the company will order that driver to exchange trailers with another driver. Thus, the original driver is now going another direction.  Driver's have NO control over this happening and, while it does not happen often, it can.  If your pet is enroute, the driver will keep you informed.

Each pet, whether from an individual or from a shelter/rescuer, must have a current SHOT RECORDS and a current HEALTH CERTIFICATE (satisfying the laws of the importing state) from a veterinarian in order to transport across state lines.  This health certificate must be from the state in which we pick up the pet with very few exceptions. This also applies to transports from or between individuals, animal rescue/releasing agencies, or animal shelters as defined by
USDA requirements.  You must also read and comply with the USDA importing requirements (very important) of the state into which this pet is being transported (final destination).  The Rabies tag must be attached to the collar of the pet before it is delivered to the driver.  The SHOT RECORD and HEALTH CERTIFICATE are NOT the same thing.

NOTE: We cannot transport for 10 days after a pet is spayed or neutered. This gives the pet time to recover and the stitches, no matter how small, time to heal without the possibiliity of breaking loose while being lifted into or out of the truck. The driver shouldn't have to deal with this nor does he/she have time to take the pet to the vet. It has been our experience that a collar will be affixed to the neck of the pet by the vet in order to keep them from doing damage to themselves. While this definitely applies to the larger pets, it can apply to the smaller dogs as well. Toward the end of the 10 days, it will be the driver's discretion whether or not they determine the incision has healed enough for them to feel comfortable taking the pet.

PUPPY/KITTY RULE: Pet's less than TWO (2) months, are not transportable across states lines without their mother per USDA regulations.  Operation Roger's policy: Puppies/Kittens between 8-12 weeks (up to 3 months) coming directly from a shelter will not be transported except for the following.  We require these pets to be observed for Parvo &/or Distemper, in particular, in a foster care/rescue setting for two (2) weeks minimum.   Puppies must have had the second of two (2) puppy shots at least two (2) weeks prior to transport.  Kittens, their respective feline shots.  In addition, each pet must have been wormed during this same time frame and be worm free.  Please, NOT just before the pet is put on the truck.  (This is to protect our driver's pets and the risk of the diseases in their trucks.  This could prevent a driver from trasporting for quite some time.)  As commercial truck drivers, we must comply with all federal and state laws regarding our profession and satisfy any inquiries which might be made by Motor Carrier Enforcement or other law enforcement agencies.  This is for the protection of our clients, our volunteer drivers, our organization and, above all, the pet you have entrusted to our care.

NOTE:  The following has come to our attention (January 2014): Researchers have been putting statistics together on the parvo virus and have recently discovered the immune systems of both the German Shepherd and Rottweiler breeds are extremely susceptible.  When these breeds do get parvo, their cases are more severe.  The death rate, even with A-1 care, is nearly 100% for all pups under a year old even with all of their shots.  There has been reports of dogs just a few days shy of a year getting and dying of the disease.  Parvo is everywhere.  We and our pets can walk where an infected animal has been and bring it into our homes.  Once the pet licks its paws and ingests what is there, their immune system may or may not be strong enough to fight it.  The veterinarian recommended time frame for at least three parvo shots is three weeks apart.  It doesn’t hurt the animal to have several of these shots during that first year.  It just gives them more protection.  The symptoms are not eating, not drinking, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, face looks depressed, eyes become dull, and high fever.  If you suspect your pet of any breed has parvo, immediately get it to a veterinarian and on continuous IVs as their system will dehydrate quickly. 

RATTIE COMMUNITY: Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Geckos, etc.  It is our understanding from several veterinarians these do not need a heath certificate or shot records. RATS: We have been told by you who have Rats they need to be in crates by sex; females together, males together and should not be transported singularly, i.e. at least two.  Four such pets would require 2 crates and two donations.  We have been told by others of you in the rattie community they can be transported singularly.  Because of their size, we have determined we will take a maximum of three (3) Ratties to a crate for the same donation. 

NOTE:  By arranging transport with Operation Roger, you and the receiving party must agree Operation Roger personnel, volunteers, and drivers will not be held liable for the confiscation of the pet should authorized law enforcement or humane law enforcement officers determine a violation has occurred.  This requirement also serves as protection of the driver's personal pets on board (if any).

Pets will be kept in the cab with the driver, treated as if the pet is their own, and may be with the driver for an extended period of time.  Usually, one pet is usually all a driver can transport at a time.  They have the right to take more than one if they feel they can take care of them.

LookingForwardWE CANNOT DO EMERGENCY OR MASS TRANSPORT.  Due to the very nature of trucking and the fact pets are transported in the cab of the truck with the driver, emergency or mass transports CANNOT be handled.  Our mission is to help rescued pets and individuals.  Our mission does NOT include the transportation for show animals or for-profit breeders, UNLESS the pets are retired, preferably already altered, and WILL BE pets only, not for breeding purposes.

PLEASE make sure your pet is ready for travel...that is, groomed...clean! A recent bath preferably!  Our driver's have the right to not take the pet if they determine it is unfit/too dirty, flea or tick infested, etc, to be in their truck.  If you would not put this pet in your bed, you should not expect our drivers to put it in their working/eating/sleeping quarters.


1.  Minimum 10 days of food; MORE if a driver is to keep your pet for what may be an extended time or a Layover Home is in the picture. This MUST be the same food the pet has already been eating.  The shipper is NOT to change the type of food at the last minute. This will help prevent digestive problems.  Water would also be appreciated.
2.  If a puppy, or a nervous type of pet, please provide at least 2 packages of 32+- of age related puppy pads.  Driver experience has shown a brand called "Out" is excellent. A couple sources for this brand is Wal-Mart or Tractor Supply.  Another brand is "Great Choice" from PetsMart.  These are slightly larger.
3.  Small dogs and all cats need a harness and a collar hooked together as they have a tendency to slip out of a collar.  If either a collar or harness is too large, inadequate, defective, etc. and the pet escapes, Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport, our volunteer drivers or staff will NOT be held responsible for its loss.  A lease made into a collar is not acceptable.
4.  All cats/kittens must travel with litter. Check to see what type the driver prefers. A litter pan of sufficient size must be provided the driver.
5.  A size related crate is to be made available for all pets 30 pounds and under. Any destruction to the driver's truck or personal items because a crate was not provided will be your responsibility to make restitution to our driver.
Weight appropriate leashes must be provided for dogs in particular.

7. If the pet is a male and not fully house-broken, the shipper must provide a belly band and changes there to.

8. If the pet is a chewer and is larger than 30# (not able to fit into that size crate), the shipper must provide a muzzle.

If you have found other means to transport the pet or the destination changes before our arrival, please send an e-mail, or call, to inform us as soon as possible with the pet's name in the subject line (e.g. NAME UPDATE). This will help us provide accurate information to our drivers or allocate resources to other pets in need.
Because of the possibility the pet will be with the driver and their pet for an extended period of time, if the driver determines the pet is not suitable for his/her situation (the pet will be free inside the truck, not always in a crate), the driver has and reserves the right to not transport.  We truly hope this does not happen, but it could.  Like people, certain people and animals are not compatible, or the driver's own pet (if any) and your pet could demonstrate/show definite signs hostility or aggression.  This would be for both the pet's and the driver's safety.

TO ALL INDIVIDUALS/ORGANIZATIONS: Even after you have worked with an Operation Roger driver and have their phone number, you must NOT go directly to the driver with any other of your transport needs.  All pet transports must be submitted via our website transport request form.  All pets transported by Operation Roger drivers are to be assigned to their care by Operation Roger co-ordinators only.

The applicant takes on all responsibility of informing all parties involved in the transport of our terms & conditions, along with any other information regarding responsibility.  This includes but not limited to the sender, receiver, coordinator, or new protective home.  Neither Operation Roger volunteers nor Operation Roger are part of this ladder of responsibility.

All Operation Roger volunteers have also been informed of their responsibilities.  Before being assigned a pet to transport, each driver must complete an ORU (Operation Roger University) class which includes but is not limited to the following: care for pets, leash and harness requirements if provided with the correct ones for each pet, crates, contact with sender, receiver, new protective home, coordinator, how to protect the truck, etc...

Again, Shelter/Rescue/Humane Society/Individual or other releasing agencies MUST have a person available at all times to transport pet to driver, be it during shelter hours, off hours, unusual hours or normal hours.  A NAME and the PHONE NUMBER of this individual is required in order to set up transport or the application will be put on hold/rejected.

Operation Roger wants to respect your privacy.  Therefore, no one will see your personal information except Office Personnel and Driver Coordinators.  All drivers are not to call sender/receiver/co-ordinator or any other parties, unless authorized by such personnel.  If you choose to give your information out to our driver, the privacy is invalid.  If the driver has your information, they are to dispose of it immediately once pickup/delivery has been made.

By submitting an application for transport, you certify you have read and understand Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport's transportation requirements listed above, our terms and conditions as well as our privacy statement found within the site.

vetstaroflifeEmergency Care Authorization: In the rare event the animal being transported becomes sick or injured, it is the policy of Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport for the person responsible for any veterinary care expenses indicate the dollar amount for which emergency care is authorized (a minimum $100.00).  This just gets the pet into the vet.  It does not cover any added medical costs needed for the pet.  The authorizing party will be notified as soon as possible of the problem so further arrangements can be made directly with the veterinarian.  This authorizing party is considered to be the Applicant unless otherwise notified.  For any application done by an Operation Roger personnel on behalf of an applicant, the applicant will be considered the authorizing party.  No financial responsibility will be upon any Operation Roger personnel at any time.

We expect the applicant to be the party responsible for any emergency veterinary care. The veterinarian information for the pet MUST be on the application at time it is submitted.

FINALLY-ONCE AGAIN WE POINT OUT: The Non-Refundable Tax-Deductible Application Donation MUST accompany the submittal of the application.  The transport itself is at no additional cost. We CANNOT guarantee a time frame for pickup or delivery or even if we can get to the pet at all in the time frame the parties involved desire.  We do pledge to try. In addition, while we will TRY to do follow ups with the applicant of an approved application every 3-4 weeks, being short of staff, we cannot promise this.  This does NOT mean we will have forgotten your pet's needs. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT AN APPLICATION.

Note: Our office is officially closed Saturday, and Sunday.  Please do submit your requests for transport during this time but be aware of the time delay.

WARNING: If your Pet Transport Application is not filled out correctly (all questions answered properly) and/or the required donation is NOT received at the same time, the application will be put aside and worked as time permits whenever all the properly completed applications and other pressing issues are done.

If you believe you do not have to answer the questions or submit your donation as required, please go to the Menu Bar, hover your cursor over Pet Board until a drop down box appears, click on Pet Board and then scroll down through the Active Pet Board to the "Blue Board."  This is where all incomplete applications will eventually be posted once an e-mail outlining the necessary areas needing attention is sent to the applicant.  We hold these incomplete applications, awaiting the required information, for a minimum of 2 months.  If the applicant does not respond within that time frame, the application is subject to being deleted without notice.

To submit a request for transport, click the "I have read" button below which will lead to the Application itself :

NOTICE:  EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2014, THE MINIMUM PET TRANSPORT APPLICATION DONATION IS .... $35.00 ... Disregard the $25.00 indicated on the Application. 
Again, the minimum Pet Transport Application Donation is ... $35.00.  

 I have read and AGREE to these terms

I have read and DO NOT AGREE to these terms 
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