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We would also like to ask that if you have photos of any of the transports we have done, please send them along with an e-mail to: operationrogerphotos@yahoo.com with a copy to oprogertony@yahoo.com.  We would love to get them on the following board.

In the subject header enter the pet's transported name & number, as this is the way we have them recorded.  In the body of the e-mail, tell us about the photo-who/what/when/where, new name, etc.  Give us an update story on the pet. We would really like to get all pets featured with a photo.  If you have an updated photo of one already shown, please send it also. 


#358 AVOCADO & #359 ONION (Domestic Pet Rats) Pasadena, CA - Portland, OR
AVOCADO (Burmese "top-ear"-ears towards the crown of the head) and ONION (Siamese dumbo-ears at the sides of the head) both males about 1# each were picked up in Pasadena by Driver Mike W. Mike, quite a jokester, had quite a good time with these two boys.
In all seriousness, he told SeRena S, the receiver, he had trouble with them while going over the Grapevine Mountains in CA and his son had to give them CPR. At first, SeRena was very concerned and then realized Mike was teasing her. Mike did learn Avocado would nip his finger whenever he had to move his cage. Mike thought Avocado was trying to bite then realized he never bit hard enough to break the skin. Mike learned fast the ways of these little guys and that the nip was merely a “love bite.” He also told SeRena he had discovered if he called “guacamole” both would come running toward the food dish. Again, she chided him for teasing her.
Mike went above and beyond to deliver these two boys. As SeRena didn’t have access to a vehicle, he arranged to get close to her. She rode her bike to his location, only to have the bike develop a flat. She had to walk home carrying the cage with her two new charges.
Operation Roger Driver Mike W pu 4/22/09 del 4/26/09
We received this Email:
From: SeRena
Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009, 11:27 PM
Awe, of course - I really, really appreciate Mike's kindness - he seems like a really gentle person, and he has been wonderful over the phone every time. He obviously has a light heart and a lot of patience. I don't know if I could have expected anybody nicer. Also to mention, a lot of folks have hang ups about rats- rats have a stereotype that needs to be overlooked when interacting with them, and few people see through the "plague-carrying-dirty-monster" veil to see what kind of wonderful little animals they can really be, and it means a lot that the folks at Operation Roger didn't bat an eye about it.
Avocado is tentatively the Burmese "top-ear"(ears towards the crown of the head) boy- his coloring is a little bit like the inside of an over-ripe avocado. Onion is tentatively the Siamese dumbo(ears at the sides of the head) boy, because he looks like a big round onion(!). They may go through a name change depending on their personalities, I'll have to see. I have included pictures, just in case.
As far as I know, they are both sweet, happy, bouncy ratty boys. They should be curious and playful, and a little lazy. Mike says they have been being good- and I'm so excited to further meet them when they arrive! Their foster said they were both very enjoyable, fun little boys.
If it's of any help, a few other folks have been following this "story", as I posted a little blurb about it on a forum.
Here are some of their responses to Operation Roger:
"That is too cool!"
"Whoa, I wish I'd known about this when I was driving. That's awesome! Good luck, can't wait to see pictures!"
(In response to the comment above): no kidding! I would have been all over this as a driver. 
(In response to my post): Thank you for posting this. I wasn't aware of Operation Roger, but now I can pass this info on to all my friends who are still out there driving. I know they'd all love to help. (and Kudos to you for posting here!)
I also put forward the link for Op-Roger to Tiffany Smith (the receiver(?) for Millie) when I saw a Craigslist ad she had posted, requesting assistance. Eventually I received this reply from her, about Millie :
GOOD NEWS!!!  Operation Roger called me yesterday and is bringing her back to me as we speak!  Heather Hines from Indigo Rescue pulled her last night and she is on her way home.  Should be here by Friday!


#357 MILLIE (Pitt Bull Terrier) Hillsboro, OR - Dixon, IL

Mille, a 2 y/o 42# female began her trip from Hillsboro after having been dumped in the Hillsboro shelter’s parking lot. Heather H, Indigo Rescue, pulled Millie and met Driver Brad M at a Portland truck stop.

Brad in turn met Driver Robert M in West Haven, UT. Brad reports Millie withstood the trip quite well. Robert related she preferred the floorboard of his 6-wheel pickup over the passenger or rear seats. During the first night she was with Robert, Millie needed to go out. Robert, who uses a wheel chair, said all was well until she decided she liked the grass on the other side of the parking lot and headed there, pulling him along. Now Robert is a big man so there was really no danger here but he was certainly laughing about the ride.

One morning she got up and looked at him and then came toward him. He petted her and then she went to the floor of the back seat. At one rest area Robert picked up his cane to use instead of the wheel chair and Millie cowered like she thought he was going to hit her.

Met in Tinley Park, IL, by Bob N, a humane investigator, Millie is to be returned to the Indigo Rescue in Oregon.

Operation Roger Drivers Brad M and Robert M pu 4/21/09 del 4/26/09


#356 SCOOTER (Miniature Schnauzer) W. Des Moines, IA - Sidney, NE

SCOOTER, a blind 2 y/o male 23# Miniature Schnauzer began his short trip in Des Moines from his foster “Mom” Doris. Driver Dan W was expecting a snappy, snarling dog since he was blind but was pleasantly surprised when Scooter was a very nice, calm, laid back little dog. Doris said Scooter was very thin when he came to her. Dan described him as very rounded.

Except for having to be the “seeing eye human” to make sure Scooter didn’t run into curbs and other objects, he was a normal dog with a terrific sense of smell. He knew where his Kibbles were and the sound the plastic bag it was in. Dan said he did have to make sure Scooter was near a building or a tree he could lean against when he peed.

When it was time for Scooter to go back into his crate, Dan would tap about three times on it and Scooter would go in.

The rescue receiver, Tamara, met them in Sterling, CO. She plans to take Scooter to the Colorado State University in Ft. Collins to see if Scooter’s sight can be restored.

Operation Roger Driver Dan W pu 4-11-09 del 4-12-09.


#354 BUGSY & #355 NANUSHKA (Border Collies) Laredo, TX - Colorado Springs, CO
Bugsy and her sister Nanushka began their trip in Mexico after being rescued by Kelly K, Save A Mexican Mutt, who arranged for them to be driven to Albquerque, NM.
Team Drivers Mike and Cindy G picked them up in Albquerque early in the morning and took them as far as Laveta, CO. The new family met the team there and took them on to their new home in Colorado Springs.
Team Drivers Mike & Cindy G pu 4/7/09 - del 4/7/09

#353 ROTTIE/BETSY (Rottweiller) Pikeville, KY - Datil, NM
 ROTTIE, renamed BETSY, a 1 y/o 50# female, came from the Pike County Animal Shelter enroute to the Feathers and Fur Animal Rescue in New Mexico.
Shortly after Driver Nancy R picked up Betsy in London, Nancy noticed Betsy was not well and suspected she had parasites.  Nancy worked her way toward Florida where she could take Betsy to her vet. There she learned Betsy did have heart and hook worms, an ear infection and was not spayed, although the application indicated she was. We were not informed ahead of time of any of these problems.
Now for the good news. Betsy didn’t make it to New Mexico. That’s good news? Yep. Nancy had told friends all about Betsy and her problems.  They wanted to see Betsy and when they did, they immediately fell in love. Arrangements were made with both the sending and receiving rescues, approvals obtained, and now Betsy has a new home with about 15 acres to run and play with four other Rotties, one pointer mix, and nine goats and six cattle to harass. At one point, Betsy eased up to this strange looking bovine who looked at her and mooed. Nancy, who was watching all this, said Betsy jumped at least 3 inches off the ground, turned, all in one motion, and headed lickety split to the house, leaving no grass unturned. Nancy left Betsy happily playing with her new friend Olsa.
Operation Roger Driver Nancy R pu 3/29/09 del 4/06/09

#352 RUSTY (Beauceron) Reno, NV - Woodbine, MD
RUSTY #352 a 65# 8.5 y/o male had been in the NV Humane Society shelter since August 2008. Marc P from the shelter drove Rusty about half way down to Las Vegas to meet Mary M who kept him overnight. Mary realized something was wrong with Rusty and arranged to take him to a local vet. When Drivers Mike & Cindy G arrived to pick him up, they discovered he needed to be on antibiotics due to a bladder infection. They took Rusty to Denver to meet Driver Dan W who kept Rusty four days at his home until he left for Maryland.

Dan left for a few days for work around CO. While gone, Jann, his wife, and Rusty would curl up together on the couch.  At one point, Dan called in to learn Rusty was sound asleep on the couch, on his back, legs up, with his head on a cushion. Jann said Rusty didn’t get into anything. She took him to a friend’s house and put their Jack Russell and Rusty together in the back yard. They played and played. Upon reaching home, he went upstairs and straight to the bed.

Then Rusty began to refuse food, especially any food which had his medication inside. Dan tried cheese, butter, bananas, cottage cheese, pears, apples, bread, peanut butter, everything his own dog would eat in a heart beat. Rusty would gingerly take a nibble, very gently, quite daintily. Dan would slip a pill inside and Rusty would turn up his nose. Finally, Dan called the receiver, Renee, who said to give him raw hamburger or deli turkey. That did the trick.

When talking with Renee, she mentioned the Las Vegas vet reported Rusty had e-coli in his urine. Not understanding and immediately thinking the worse, Dan called Sue W at the office of Operation Roger. She also could just imagine not only Dan’s house and truck being infected but also Mike & Cindy G’s truck. Dan called the Las Vegas vet to learn this was of no concern as it was the bladder infection and not the contagious type.

One night while going across country Rusty started winning. Thinking Rusty was just lonely, Dan groggily patted the bed. Rusty jumped up, but still wined. He began to gently touch Dan’s arm, over and over, until he got Dan up. Once out, Rusty did his thing and quickly went back to the truck and bed. How quickly these pets do train us humans.

Rusty met his new “Mom” Renee in Woodbine, MD, where he will live on an 80 acre farm with three other Beaucerons. Dan reports he actually was sad to see Rusty go. Another driver who fell in love with his transport!
Operation Roger Team Drivers Mike & Cindy G and Driver Dan W pu 3/26/09 del 4/5/09

#351 KOBEE (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) Fargo, ND - Nashville, TN
   KOBEE a 2-3 y/o 22# male escaped the floods in Fargo, ND, with the help of Driver Debra H. Picked up from rescuer Kish, For the Love of Dogs, Debra quickly fell in love. Her three companions, Brittney, Savannah, and Luke, merely tolerated the intruder knowing he was temporary. As long as he was being touched, Kobee didn't care what was done to him. He was very laid back.
The day before Kobee was to be delivered, Debra made a point to tell the trio Kobee would be at his new home the next day. She says they immediately perked up and their body language said they knew exactly what she had said.
During the trip, Debra came back to the truck to find blood on the seat and floor. Somehow Kobee had broken a nail. Debra put medicine, gauze, an old sock, and a plastic bag on the foot. Kobee didn't mind it at all.  However, Savannah, a Shih Tzu, not wanting to be outdone and apparently wanting the extra TLC, broke her nail on a piece of linoleum by the door the next day.
While playing with Kobee, Debra discovered some stitches remaining from Kobee's neutering two months earlier. He laid on his back and let her pull them out. New Mom Katy was absolutely thrilled and in love on sight when she picked him up in Knoxville,TN.
Operation Roger Driver Debra H pu 3/27/09 del 4/4/09

#350 FRED (Golden Lab) Brandon, FL - Frederick, MD
 FRED, a 9 y/o male was 57# when he was surrendered to a Florida shelter on December 29, 2008. A couple of weeks later, the original owner, Robert R, now in Maryland, was successful in finding Fred after he had left him in the care of a friend. Unable to return to Florida to retrieve Fred, Robert was told about Operation Roger. Robert was a basket case when he found he would probably lose Fred. In fact, Fred was accidentally adopted out on a Friday. On Monday, with the assistance of Susan from the shelter explaining to the adopter the situation, the lady graciously forfeited the adoption so Robert could have his dog.
We worked closely with the shelter and Robert to find a driver who could transport. Bobbie P, a Layover Home, was able to secure his release into her care and housed him in her motor home for about two weeks until Driver Nancy R could get to Plant City.
Once on the truck, Fred, now 78#, didn't sleep or rest while the truck was moving. He would go from the bunk to the floor to the seat constantly. At one point, while Nancy was getting loaded at a shipper on the Indian River, she took Fred over to the docks and both enjoyed the warm air and scenery. She warned him he had better enjoy all this because where he was going he would need a jacket.
Fred and Nancy met Shuttle Driver Robert H in Jessup, MD. Robert took Fred to his office at the Humane Society of Rockville until the end of the day. He then drove on to Frederick, MD, to meet Fred's master, Robert R. Fred’s travels took him about 1200 miles.
Operation Roger Team Leader Nancy R, Layover Home Bobbie P, Shuttle Driver Robert H. pu 3/12/09 - del 3/26/09

#349 MICKEY (Papillon) Elizabethtown, KY - Newport Beach, CA
 MICKEY, a 10-12# Papillon, 3-5 y/o male had to be left behind when his owner, Laura L of Tiny Paws Rescue, had to move to CA for health reasons.
Normally, it is hard to get any pet on I-65 in KY, a North-South road, going East or West. However, the Mid-America Truck Show (aka MATS) was held in Louisville March 19-21 and truckers from all over the country and abroad come to it, as did Team Drivers Mike & Cindy G.
Diane M drove Mickey up from Elizabethtown about mid-morning Sunday and met with the drivers at the Papa Johns parking lot. Mickey was very shy and timid and really overwhelmed at all the activity. We all had to laugh at one point when the driver's 3-legged cat, Votto, decided to park himself on top of Mickey's crate. Now Votto would make at least two of Mickey, or so it seemed as we peered into his crate and he looked backed at us with big round, fearful eyes.
The driver's report Mickey was very sweet and quiet all during his trip across country. He apparently remembered Laura but, once again, seemed overwhelmed when several women and children arrived to pick him up. They said Laura was very happy to get him.
Operation Roger Team Drivers Mike & Cindy G pu 3/22/09 del 3/25/09

We received this E-mail:
Friday, March 27, 2009 8:57 AM
From: "Diane Metzgar"
I just want everyone to know that Operation Roger is a Class Act!  Mike and Cindy treated Mickey as if he were their own dog from the minute I arrived in Louisville KY and the whole time he was with them.  They called everyday with their location and progress report.  Mike and Cindy went above and beyond to make me, Laura, the adoptive family and especially Mickey feel comfortable through this transport.  I would recommend Operation Roger to anyone and especially Mike and Cindy Gott!!!  

Operation Roger; 
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!
Diane Metzgar, Misfits Rescue For The Paws


#348 BRIE (Pharoh Hound/Canaan Dog) N. Las Vegas, NC - Portland, OR
 BRIE, a female 12 y/o 30# Pharoh Hound/Canaan Dog Mix began her journey in N. Las Vegas with Amy W who took Brie to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Knab, UT, on March 14. They, in turn, brought Brie up to Salt Lake City to meet Driver Brad M 3/21, who in turn served as a Layover Home over the weekend before placing her on board his truck and headed for Portland where Brie met her new "Mom" Ina.
Brad reported Brie, who is deaf, enjoyed investigating his property and got along very well with his dogs. Laughing, Brad said he found himself talking to Brie only to have to remember she couldn't hear him. At one point, at home, he called to Brie to return to him and, of course, she didn't. Brad had to run in front on Brie to get her to see him.
Operation Roger Driver Brad M pu 3/20/09 del 3/24/09

Date: Friday, May 22, 2009

At long last I've got some decent photos of Brie for your website.  Choose whichever one you think best.
The last photo is Brie with her new siblings...you can see I have from left: large (Barkley), medium (Mittzi) and small (Brie).  Or in Starbuck's terms, I now have dogs in tall, grande and venti.
Brie made it here safe and sound, though driver Brad did say at one rest stop she did take off for about half an hour; she came back in fine shape and happy as could be. It was so funny to drive up to the truck stop to see a large, burly man walking a little white dog, tail happily wagging.
Once home, she seemed to have a lot of separation anxiety and was shaking a lot, especially whenever puppy Mittzi got rambunctious around her.
It’s taken quite awhile for Brie to feel comfortable with two larger and active dogs around, but after almost two months, my retired Las Vegas showgirl is finally settling in and dealing with puppy Mittzi a bit better.  I've even caught them playing together a few times.  And I catch her daily chasing her tail; this must be part of her usual morning aerobics.
Her favorite thing to do is to ride in the car.  I open the front door and she leaps off the steps and flies à la superhero to the car, laughing the whole way.  When I get to my destination, she’s eager to get back into the car!  At the end of a daily walk, for instance, she heads straight for the car! (You’d think she’d be pooped out by then, but no.)  So, I’ve taken to letting her hang out in there on weekends, which she seems to thoroughly enjoy.  And to think, I thought the long drive from Las Vegas to Portland would be a strain on her.  Frankly, I think she probably loved every minute of it.
Three pointy-eared dogs is a handful, but I’m glad I’ve got this little girl, and I owe it all to Operation Roger!  I wasn’t sure this transport would work since the last dog I tried to adopt from a distant shelter adopted out that dog from under me.  I was so happy that Best Friends in Kanab, UT was so willing to work with me and with you all at Operation Roger.  It’s been such a great experience, I’ve told everyone how I got Brie up here, and have posted your web link on my Facebook page.
Best Regards,
Ina Gebert
& Brie (#348)


#346 CUTTY/ETHEL & #347 BETSY/LUCY (Dumbo Rats) Salem, MA - Jacksonville, FL
 CUTTY (aka ETHEL) &  BETSY (aka LUCY) tiny 8 oz female domestic Dumbo Rats began their trip in Salem, MA, with Betsy W. Picked up in Andover by Driver Nancy R who was just a little apprehensive about taking on not just one but two Rats.
Encourage by the shipper, Betsy, to let them sit on her shoulder and snuggle up against her neck, Nancy's reply was "I don't think so." No amount of teasing by her fellow drivers at Operation Roger could change Nancy's mind. Getting brave while enroute, she did let them out of the crate onto her bunk for a little while before she went to sleep. They would go right to the edge of the bed and look over before scurrying back to their "human" to do a "people check." Nancy decided to play a little and devised a playground for them in the form of a ziplock box, a small cardboard box, and a tunnel made from her blanket. While Cutty waited outside, Betsy would run around to one end and through the  maze. Once she came out the other end, Cutty would dart inside. They played like this for quite some time.  Gee, at least Nancy didn't have to take them outside for a walk!! No leashes, no walks in the cold; this could get addictive.
They are called Dumbo Rats because of their very large ears. They were both black with a white underbelly and pink nose, ears, feet, and tail.
The movement of the truck would put them to sleep, like so many of our pets do as we travel. The other thing neat about this duo is they would bathe themselves in their bowl each time Nancy gave them water which she did three times a day.
Nancy was met in Lake City, FL, by the receiver Sherry and her husband, Brian W, also a trucker.
Operation Roger Driver Nancy R pu 3/12/09 - del 3/14/09


Email received 3/15/09: 
I want to thank you so much for the transport of my rattie. Nancy did a wonderful job and all arrived safe and sound!!!!!! I have been spreading the word to all the rattie clubs I belong to. Just trying to send a little more business your way. You were a godsend because I dont know of any other way to get ratties from point a to point b. They made it just fine from Salem Ma. to near Jax. Fl. we had to meet Nancy and pick them up but that was no big deal. I cannot thank you enough. Everyone was so helpful and professional. It has been just amazing. Nancy did a great job of caring for them during the trip. Again I cannot thank you enough! God bless you!!! Another success story!    Scritches Sherry and The Girls

Email received 3/15/09:
YOU GUYS AND GALS RULE! Pet Rattie lovers love YOU! Thanks so much!


#345 PANDORA/WILMA (Greyhound) Orlando, FL - York, PA
PANDORA, a female 3 y/o 60# ex-racing Greyhound waited three months on our Pet Board before we were able to pick her up. Several drivers during that time had tried but were unable to make the connections. During this time, Pandora went to prison. Yep, prison.  She became the responsibility of an inmate in one of Florida's correctional facilities. So when the time came for her transport, Pandora had to be sprung out of jail by her rescuer, Carol B.
Driver Terri T knew she wasn't going directly to Pennsylvania on her next trip but figured she could get there in a couple of loads. As the freight would have it, Terri, along with her two traveling companions Oliver and Kami, and Pandora/Wilma had completed their next delivery when they were sent to ... Washington ... state that is. Wilma is apparantly Pandora's original name so that is what she will be called.
Terri reports Wilma was extra-ordinarily obedient, walked right with her, and learned how to be a dog thanks to Oliver and Kami. The receiver, Judi K, a foster for greyhounds in PA, will be getting a very special lady.
Terri will be telling Wilma's story here very shortly. Watch for it.

We received the following Email from Driver Terry T:
Wilma's Story  Sunday, March 15, 2009 8:40 PM
Hi, I am Wilma. I am a 3 year old Greyhound. I used to race but I retired. I was placed at a nice place for a while and then a trucker name Terri took me to Pennsylvania, where I had a new home. My journeys to Pennsylvania were interesting. Terri never meant for me to go all the way to Washington, but I did. I didn't mind because we walked. Oliver (Terri's puppy) showed me how to be a dog again. He showed me proper ways to sniff trees and grass. Although, he did a lot of sniffing and at times I didn't understand why he sniffed so much. I got to meet a lot of people. They pet me and told me how sleek I looked. That made me happy.  Trucker Terri said I could sleep in her bed. So I made myself at home and I normally just sprawled out. Even at night I would sprawl out, but still gave her room to lay down too. She took good care of me and fed me when I needed fed and walked me when I needed walked. I sometimes told her I didn't want to walk by tugging at that darn thing around my neck. And she always lifted me into the truck carefully so I wouldn't fall. I trusted her a lot when it came to the size of that truck!

But the reason I'm writing this story is not because I wanted to tell you who I am, but more about where I went. I left Carols place in Orlando and met Terri, Kami and Oliver. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on. I was shakey and a little and shy. I suppose all dogs get that way when they're not used to a steady home. I wasn't real familiar with the road but in the truck I felt comfortable. I laid down and slept. We got to our first little resting ground and I got lifted out of the truck and walked. It felt good to walk. The whole time I just glazed up at Terri because I knew she loved me. Some dogs can tell that by the friends they meet.

Oliver at first was so crazy. Terri said that he was a puppy, but even I can't remember jumping and going in circles like him. He would go and sniff and sniff and sniff more. I wasn't sure why he was doing that, I never had the chance to sniff shrubs and grass. I guess I was busy racing and not being a dog. But after a short time, Oliver taught me a little bit about sniffing. He said that he sniffs because he sometimes smells weird things. So I started sniffing with him. He would go into the bushes at times and Terri would let him on the leash. He sometimes would come out with a piece of wood that was taken away from him. Then sometimes he would dig holes. I'm not much of a digger but I did go into the bushes because Terri whispered to me, "go on be a pup." That made me feel good.

I suppose our quest for Pennsylvania started in Florida enroute to Oklahoma, where Terri was supposed to get a load to Pennsylvania. But her receiver denied her load and we had to wait to deliver. I didn't mind that either.Terri knew a perfect spot where we all walked. She took me out in a field and we walked the corners of it. I saw some rabbits that made me jump a little. I kinda miss chasing those around and around. I never could catch those either, sigh!

Then we went to Utah. I sometimes would stand up on the bed and watch the mountains. I never saw so much white stuff in my life. Terri said that it was snow and that I might enjoy playing in it. At first glance of the white powder beneath my paws I wasn't so sure. It was rather cold, but I stuck my nose in a pile of it and it tickled so much that I got excited. Terri walked us in Utah too. In fact, the night we arrived we went for a nice walk. It was a little chilly but when I saw Oliver sniffing at the dirt, I again wanted to sniff too. The next morning we went on another walk. This is where a man stopped and asked if he could pet me. Terri said it was ok and she mentioned that I was a rescue from Gods Greyt's. She also mentioned that Operation Roger helps place animals when they need placed. He was so greatful for organizations like Greyt's and Operation Roger.

Our next load was going to Washington state. The weather turned colder and I didn't want to get out of the truck as much, so Terri made sure I was warm. We got to Washington and delivered her load. It started snowing real bad and Terri was crossing her fingers that it would stop. The next morning there was white stuff all around and we drove real slow to Quincy, Wa. When we arrived there it was sooo nice. We finally walked and we had fun. I saw a little girl who showed us her new puppy. I licked her hand and she smiled real big. I think she liked me just a little.

Our final load was to Pennsylvania, where we met Judy. It was hard to say bye to Oliver, Kami and Terri, but I know I will have a happy home where I will be loved. The whole trip was a long trip, but what greyhound do you know that has traveled 7,000 miles. I am guesstimating and I am not sure that's accurate, but pretty close.

#343 GEORGE & #344 MARTHA (Mountain Curs) Lexington, KY - Zurich, MT
 GEORGE, a 4 m/o 15# male & MARTHA, his sister, a 4 m/o 15# female, both  Mountain Curs began their trip from a shelter in Morgantown, KY. Their rescuer, Lisa A, drove from Lexington to pick them up and deliver them to Driver Jim F in Nashville, TN.
Jim reports they were a little wrinkle faced like hound, sleek, and a reddish-orange color. George was the more dominate of the two. Martha was more playful and laidback.  Having lost one of his gloves, Jim gave them the other one and they enjoyed playing with it.
Jim took the duo to his home in Logan, UT, where his wife, Valerie, served as our Layover Home.  Originally, a pilot was to take them from Salt Lake City to Zurich, MT, but that arrangement fell through.  A wonderful lady by the name of Jerica V answered the call to help.  She picked up the two pups and took them to Bozeman, MT, where their new "Mom" Holly B picked them up for their final trip home.
Operation Roger Driver Jim F pu 3/2/09 - del 3/12/09

The following Emails were received:

Hi Sue
read this, THANK YOU SUE so much for making her dream come true. These pups were in a very rural area of Ky. This has never been done before here.
She is so happy
Thank you so much Sue

Lisa!  We are HOME!!!  We are all home, and settling in together! 
THANK YOU!  The dogs are incredibly beautiful, incredibly nice, it was amazing and awesome yesterday, to finally see them and hold them!!  It has been so long since I adopted them, that it almost didn't feel like it was real, until we saw them!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  They are going to fit into our family so very well, we already don't know what we ever did without them!
All the time up to when we saw the dogs, actually saw them, and I could pet them and hold them, I wondered if it was really for real...  I just cried and cried when those two girls pulled up beside us in their car, and they were just smiling at us, and they opened the door, here were these two beautiful beautiful dogs laying on their laps and looking at us.  I hope the pictures they took came out okay, because I was SO bawling to finally have the dogs!!
We took pics last night at Mom's so that I could put them up on facebook, and we just got home to the ranch now, so the dogs are busy exploring a new place and greeting all their new friends.  They are so HAPPY to meet everyone!!  They are taking all the changes very easily like it's all a big adventure, they don't act stressed at all, and they travelled nice too.  They are soooo nice, so very nice and just beautiful dogs.
Janelle (my 13 y.o. daughter) and I drove to Billings on Wednesday, and stayed with my Mom there, then continued to Bozeman to meet the transport from Utah on Thursday.  The two Cur pups had a great time playing with Mom's dachund/terrier dog, they got along great together!  Then we stated for home again today (Friday) about 1:00 and arrived home around 4:00.  The dogs travelled well, sleeping nearly the whole trip, they are quiet and very sweet.
I am going to write a thank - you to the trucker and his wife who brought the dogs from TN to Utah...I see it is on the envelope that came with the dogs.
It's really wonderful that this all worked out, and that we have the two pups home now! 
Thank you again, so very much, Lisa!  I'm sending you my facebook link so you can check out my pictures!!
We received this Email:
Tuesday, March 17, 2009 11:37 AM
From: James Farmer: To: operationroger01@yahoo.com
You are so welcome I did not mind having them here.  It was a good reminder though on how much work puppies are lol.  They integrated into the house very well and were paid alot of attention by both my dogs as well as my family.  We were kind of sad to see them go.  I hope they are being well taken care of by their new family.  I almost felt bad because when we did the transfer they acted like wait I thought we had our new home I hope they are adjusting well.  The girl that picked them up from me took pictures so if you want to contact her maybe she can forward them on to you.  Please let us know if you hear how they are doing.

#342 VALENTINE (Lab X) Murfreesboro, TN - Tucson, AZ
  VALENTINE, a 2 y/o female 65# Lab X waited on our Pet Board 4 months before her whirlwind ride from Murfreesboro to Chattanooga to meet Driver Dave R.
Her owner, Matt M, had to leave her behind with his mother, Carol, when he moved to Arizona in September 2008. Dave was going through Knoxville, TN, when called by Operation Roger and quickly agreed to pick up Valentine. Sue immediately called Carol to see if she could meet Dave in Chattanooga in only two hours.  Let's just say, Carol didn't let any grass grow under her tires as she hustled to get to a truckstop just west of Chattanooga before the driver.
Not unusual, Valentine was unsure of the truck at first.  Dave reports, though, that by the second day, Valentine was jumping into the truck all by herself and soon had Dave quickly trained to respond to her arm nudges or whines whenever she needed a pit stop. Dave said she could get quite vocal about it.
Valentine tickled Dave when she got back in by herself the first time and looked back over her shoulder as if to say "Well, aren't you coming?" Whenever he would get out of the truck to go eat, her nose would be up against the window watching him walk away and not liking being left alone. He did go back at one point to soothe her and she responded well to the reassurance.
In Tucson, when Dave got Valentine out of the truck, she immediately recognized her master, Matt, and ran to him, giving him all kinds of kisses and probably asking, “Where were you? Where have you been?” All in all, Dave reports it was a wonderful reunion of master and dog.
Operation Roger Driver Dave R pu 3/07/09 - del 3/11/09
#341 STEVE (Beagle/Border Collie) Kirbyville, MO - Oshkosh, WI
STEVE, a 3 mo 10# male began his travel in Kirbyville, MO, with rescuer Linda B.  Picked up in Springfield, MO, by Driver Bob F, Steve quickly settled into trucking life.
Bob's 7 mo Puggle (Pug/Beagle), Little Joe, thought he was in seventh heaven with a playmate.  And play they did. Warned Steve was a little shy, Bob found he was very easy to train. When given a treat, he quickly learned to "give paw."
Bob had prepared Little Joe's crate for Steve and he would go into it. Now, for Little Joe, that was a "time out" place. But, if Steve could go in and come out again, then so could he.  From that point on, the duo made it their play ground.
That night, Bob put Steve into the crate at the foot of his bed. Little Joe laid right by the crate most of the night.
Originally schedule to deliver Steve to Terri, his new "Mom," on Tuesday, Bob was able to make it up to Bolingbrook ,  IL, on Monday, Terri was estatic and made sure she made the connect.  She brought the driver a thank you goodybag and a toy for Little Joe.
Now, for the crowning point of this transport.  Little Joe loved his playmate and didn't like the fact he was now gone. On the bunk, he looked Bob right in the eye ... lifted his leg ... and peed on the bed! which promptly cost him a time out in the crate.
Operation Roger Drive Bob F pu 3/08/09 - del 3/09/09

#340 MIJA (Boxer) Congress, AZ - Arabi, LA
 MIJA, a 3 y/o female 65# Boxer from Arabi, LA, has made it back home with the help of driver Nancy R. Mija has quite a story to tell. Her saga started when her owner's husband went gold hunting in AZ and took Mija so she could see the desert. One night he left a trading post in Congress, AZ, only to be involved in an accident eight miles away. In all the commotion, Mija got away.
The next day Mija showed up at the trading post and wandered around for a couple of days before the vendors told the owner about her.  Ed G took Mija into his home and proceeded to call the phone numbers he found on her tags. These calls led him first to Florida and then to Louisiana and finally to Mary B, Mija's owner. Mary contacted a friend, Christiane B, in New York, who filled out the application Operation Roger needed. Then arrangements had to be made to get Mija a new health certificate and her shot records sent to Ed.  All of this took awhile.
Unfortunately, Ed was not able to drive Mija anywhere due to family health problems. We contacted a rescue in Prescott Valley and Georgene L agreed to shuttle Mija. Next, driver Nancy R planned to pick Mija up on a Tuesday on her way out of Yuma, CA. Wouldn't you know, that was the only day Georgene could not transport which left us scrambling to find someone else. While calling around to different rescues to hopefully find someone to help us, Sue W received a call from Ed.  Rosann and Bud H of Alberta, Canada, friends of Ed, overheard the conversation, sized up the problem, and promptly volunteered to transport Mija to meet Nancy.
All was well, until both of Nancy’s shippers in Yuma held her up in loading, which put Nancy about 15 hours behind schedule. Although warned not to start toward Gila Bend until Nancy was loaded, Rosann and Bud were so anxious to help Mija get home, they didn’t wait and had to sit at the meeting location all day in Gila Bend, AZ, before Nancy arrived.  Nancy said the couple were a delight to meet and truly wanted to help.  Without them, the transport would not have taken place at this time.
Mary, who lives near New Orleans, enthusiastically agreed to meet Nancy in Meridian, MS, the closest point along her route. An excited Mary and a friend, Barry, who drove the car, arrived a little early and had to wait for Nancy.  Nancy said Mija went over to Mary, sniffed her, stepped back a couple of steps and looked up into Mary’s face.  Nancy said Mija had a look of disbelief at first and then reality sunk in. Mija’s tail starting wagging and her body wiggling as she realized this was her owner and not some stranger.  Understand many tears were flowing with this reunion of mistress and dog. Nancy said Mija would go between Mary and her, giving kisses.
Operation Roger Driver Nancy R pu 3/04/09- del 3/07/09